Picture a Life of Renewed Balance

Wake Up Rejuvenated:

Start your day refreshed, free from night sweats and sleep disturbances.

Steady Energy & Clear Mind:

Maintain consistent energy and focus for daily tasks.

Reduced Headaches & Mood Swings:

Achieve a balanced, joyful life with fewer headaches and mood swings.

Less Joint Pain & Enhanced Well-being:

Experience less joint pain and a revitalized sense of well-being.

Tailored Peri/Menopause Care:

Personalized treatment for a smooth peri/menopause transition.

Regain Your Sense of Self:

Rediscover joy and reclaim your sense of self with our dedicated support.


Unique Approach

My concierge clinic offers a personalized telemedicine approach to hormone replacement therapy, using topical compounded bioidentical hormones derived from plants in an all-organic natural oil base with zero chemical solvents.

Bioidentical hormones are chemically identical to those produced by your body and are essential for a wide range of body functions, including brain health, bone density, and mental well-being. Replenishment as opposed to replacement.  Balancing using identical hormones your body is already familiar with. Don't wait to book an appointment. Take control of your perimenopause/menopause journey today.

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  • The Importance of Organic in Hormone Therapy

    • Skin as a Key Organ: The skin, being your body's largest organ, plays a crucial role in what gets absorbed into your system. Common topical HRT creams are mostly composed of a base that carries the hormone, often using chemical solvents like propylene glycol. Despite FDA recognition, concerns about propylene glycol have led to restrictions in the EU due to potential side effects from large doses.

    • Rethinking Quantity: Consider the cumulative effect: a pint of cream annually amounts to a gallon of chemicals on your skin over four years.

    Why Choose Organic Oil Solvent?

    • Safe and Effective Delivery: Organic hormone replenishment not only ensures optimal absorption but also maintains safety by eliminating harmful chemicals.
    • Chemical-Free Composition: Our organic products avoid harsh solvents and additives, offering a purer, safer therapeutic experience.
    • 100% Certified Organic Oil Bases: These enhance hormone absorption, ensuring better efficacy.
    • Eco-Friendly Choice: Opting for organic hormone replenishment is a step towards supporting sustainable practices.
    • Focus on Replenishment: Our approach emphasizes replenishing hormones in a natural way rather than just replacing them.

"After struggling with severe hot flashes and night sweats, I turned to Dr. Anat Sapan for help. The difference has been night and day! The bioidentical hormone therapy tailored for me has brought such relief. I can finally sleep through the night and feel like myself again. The convenience of telemedicine consultations made the whole process stress-free and personalized. I couldn't be happier with the care I've received." -- Sarah, 52 

"I came to Dr. Sapan after years of restless nights, nagging joint pain, and a frustrating diagnosis of adult-onset ADHD. I was skeptical but desperate for a change. Dr. Sapan listened intently and assured me that what I was experiencing could very well be related to menopause, not ADHD. After starting the treatment plan he designed for me, I was amazed. For the first time in years, I've been sleeping through the night, deeply and peacefully. My joint pain has significantly subsided, making my days much more comfortable. And as for my focus and concentration, they have improved remarkably. I now realize how much my symptoms were misinterpreted. Dr. Sapan's expertise in menopause care has not only given me the best sleep I've had in years but also restored my overall well-being. His approach debunked the ADHD theory and provided me with the real solution I needed. I'm incredibly grateful for his insight and personalized care." -- Donna, 53

"Dealing with weight gain and mood fluctuations during perimenopause was challenging, but Dr. Anat Sapan provided a solution that worked wonders. Her unique approach with bioidentical hormones has not only helped manage my symptoms but also improved my quality of life. I had tried the patch before, this was eaiser and works.  The convenience and personalization of their telemedicine service are unmatched. I highly recommend her clinic to anyone going through menopause." -- Rachel, 50 

"For years, I felt like my concerns about menopause were being brushed aside by my regular OBGYN. I had so many unanswered questions and didn't feel heard. That all changed when I found Dr. Sapan.  Finally, a doctor dedicated solely to menopause! The attention and detailed care I received were beyond what I had hoped for – truly the best money I've ever spent. Adding testosterone/DHEA to my hormone therapy made a remarkable difference. Not only did it enhance my sex life significantly, but I also feel stronger, with less muscle loss than before. The combination of expert menopause care and the tailored hormone therapy, including testosterone, has transformed how I experience this phase of my life. I'm so grateful for the expertise and personalized attention." -- Marianne, 59 

"I was hesitant about hormone replacement therapy, but Dr. Sapan made me feel comfortable and understood. The personalized approach, using natural, plant-based hormones, has significantly eased my menopause symptoms without any side effects. My energy levels are back, and the brain fog is gone. It's been a truly life-changing experience." -- Emma, 48

Dr. Anat is committed to guiding women through peri/menopause with customized solutions.
 Neglecting hormonal imbalances can significantly impact your brain, body, and heart. Opt for a safe, healthy, and refined approach with personalized Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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