(If you live anywhere else, you can schedule a comprehensive and personalized educational visit, where Dr. Anat will provide resources and detailed recommendations)

Concierge BHRT Management

As a sole practitioner, Dr. Sapan provides one-on-one attention, ensuring a personalized and comprehensive approach to your BHRT management. 

Our all-inclusive fee ensures a hassle-free experience, covering all your BHRT needs.

Comprehensive Package 

All-inclusive fee includes the following: 

  1. Consultations and Access to Dr. Sapan: Benefit from the expertise of Dr. Sapan, who will provide personalized consultations and guide you through your BHRT treatment options.

  2. Monthly Compounded BHRT:  all four topical compounded bioidentical hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA)  derived from plants in an all-organic natural oil base with zero chemical solvents.  These are specifically tailored to address your unique hormone imbalances.

  3. 24-Hour Urine Collection (Optimal BHRT Dosing Assessment):  For Menopausal women, once your personalized hormone dose has been determined, we conduct a 24-hour urine collection to assess whether the prescription is working optimally to target your heart, brain and bones.   This test helps us fine-tune your treatment plan for maximum long term effectiveness.  (One 24-hour urine collection is included in the annual fee, and additional fees may apply for any further testing deemed necessary.)

Additional Services

In addition to BHRT management, Dr. Sapan can also provide specialized care for thyroid or other related conditions. Please note that separate fees may apply for these services, as they involve specific care beyond BHRT. Dr. Sapan will provide clear and transparent information about any costs involved, ensuring that you have complete control over your treatment plan and associated expenses.

Begin Your Journey to Hormonal Balance

Embark on your path to hormonal balance and improved well-being. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Sapan and experience the dedicated care and expertise of our concierge BHRT management service.