Despite 60% of menopausal women actively seeking help for their symptoms, an astonishing 75% leave their physician's office without adequate treatment. This reality, stemming from a substantial knowledge gap in menopause treatment, was something I encountered daily as an OBGYN.

The Gap in Menopause Care:

In the standard 6-10 minute OBGYN visits, discussing menopause thoroughly is often overlooked. The lingering effects of outdated studies and insufficient training in menopause health contribute to this neglect. This was the medical landscape I once navigated, treating perimenopausal symptoms conventionally, often inadequately.

My Personal Journey to Clarity:

My epiphany came amidst my struggle with depression, anxiety, and sleep issues, initially attributed to the stress of COVID. Traditional treatments failed me, leading to a personal exploration into functional and integrative medicine. It was here that I discovered the transformative potential of compounded bioidentical hormone therapy.

The Rosensweet Method – A Game Changer:

Under the guidance of Dr. Rosensweet's The Menopause Method, I delved into the use of topical compounded HRT in an organic oil base. This approach allows for a highly personalized medication regimen, acknowledging the uniqueness of each woman. My own experience with this method marked a significant turnaround in my health and well-being.

Embracing a New Mission:

This journey inspired me to dedicate my practice to empowering women through menopause. I'm committed to offering more than just symptom relief; it’s about replenishing hormones in a way that protects the heart, brain, and bones, promoting longevity and overall health.

Personalized Care for Every Woman:

Recognizing that each woman's menopause experience is unique, I focus on providing personalized care. Using topical compounded HRT in organic oil, I tailor treatments to each woman's specific needs, ensuring a more natural, effective approach to hormone balance.

Breaking the Silence on Menopause:

With half of the women worldwide hesitant to discuss menopause symptoms, even with friends, I offer a discreet yet accessible platform for consultation and treatment. My telemedicine practice ensures that expert advice is just a video call away, providing a judgment-free space for open discussion and effective treatment.


Transitioning from a conventional OBGYN minset to a menopause specialist has not only changed my perspective but has also allowed me to impact the lives of countless women positively. In a world where menopause is often misunderstood and under-treated, I provide educations and options that work.

Call to Action:

Are you looking for a tailored approach to your menopause symptoms? Schedule a consultation today, and let’s embark on a journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling menopause experience together.


Anat Sapan, MD

Anat Sapan, MD

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